Tuesday, March 30, 2010


convocation day,
reveals the line between two ways,
waving goodbye to today,
heading to a totally strange new day..

he was proud of me,
but he wasn't even there
during my convocation day

look who's talking,
i din even try to listen,
to the lullabies he tried to sing

'convocation day',
has taken him away,
from all that he's got, that din even care,
of his sorrow that he had to bear.

regrets gushed,
and our sweet memories got flushed,
sank my tears to a low-pitched hush

i'm sorry....
ive done too much,
at a point regret wont do much,
and now, i couldnt ask much

let everything remains unsaid,
let my tears remain unheard,
as i've no right to question fate...

this is what for me to pay,
this is what i have to be burdened with along the way
till my 'convocation day'..

just you smile,
for this cert i've won,
in silence i'll cry,
for the time that i can never turn.

'convocation day',
has taken u away.
-my first english poem. Pardon the weirdness if it sounds so.

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